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Mar de Aragón. Caspe

Alhama de Aragón

Alhama de Aragón

Río Gállego

Río Gállego

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Natural Surroundings

The province of Zaragoza has great variety in its countryside due to the broad expanse of the valley of the Ebro, which serves as the lifeblood in a territory characterised by great contrasts. At the same time as leafy forests in the foothills of the Pyrenees, there are also great areas that are almost desert – brightened only by the occasional splash of greenery of fluvial plains.

The Nature Reserve of Moncayo reaches up to 2,316 m and, on its sides, there are pretty locales, mushroom trails and the Cistercian Monastery of Veruela.

The Zaragoza foothills of the Pyrenees reveal fresh and damp slopes with Atlantic forests such as that at Sierra de Santo Domingo and the mini-valleys of Salvatierra and Sigüés.

Lovers of wilder nature will find countryside unique in Europe in the province including the World Biosphere Reserve of Bardenas, the Gallocanta lagoon – an area of shelter, rest and nesting birds – and the steppe-like lands of Lomaza de Belchite and Los Monegros.

In the Iberian piedmont, the plains and mountains flow together unusually and the rivers have created spectacular spots, meanders, mini-valleys and canyons or spacious reservoirs perfect for fishing and water sports – especially in the Bajo Ebro and in the Sea of Aragon, a great lake between Caspe and Mequinenza.

Zaragoza receives numerous excursionists – people walking the pilgrims’ way along the Ebro or the traditional French route. The province is scented by its aromatic plants and has an amazing nightfall when the cranes fly down to rest at the Gallocanta lagoon.

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Middle Ages: Romanesque and Cistercian


Jewish Spain


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descargas Espacios Naturales en la Provincia de Zaragoza

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  Cuaderno de Bitácora / Guía de PiragüismoCuaderno de Bitácora / Guía de Piragüismo
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  Mapa desplegable de la Guía de Piragüismo / Cuaderno de BitácoraMapa desplegable de la Guía de Piragüismo / Cuaderno de Bitácora
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  Turismo OrnitológicoTurismo Ornitológico
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  Turismo OrnitológicoVeruela: caminos del alma, 2014
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Oficina de Turismo de Alagón • Plaza San Antonio, 2 • T. 976 611 814 /


Oficina de Turismo de Belchite • C/ Becú, 2 • T. 976 830 771 / 646 262 921 /


Oficina de Turismo de Caspe • C.I. Monumentos Funerarios Ibéricos C/ Zaragoza • T. 976 636 533 /


Museo del Grabado de Goya • C/ Zuloaga, 3 • T. 976 143 830 /


Oficina de Turismo de Gallocanta • C.I. La Laguna en Ctra. Gallocanta-Berrueco • T. 976 803 069 /


Oficina de Turismo de Jaraba • Plaza Afán de Rivera, 3 • T. 976 87 28 23 /


Oficina de Turismo de Mequinenza • Pza. del Ayuntamiento, 5, Bajos • T. 974 464 136 /


Museos de Mequinenza- Albergue "Camí de sirga" • Avda. María Quintana -Antiguas escuelas-Pueblo viejo • T. 974 464 705 /

Monasterio de Piedra

Monasterio de Piedra • Nuévalos • T. 976 87 07 00 /

Sos del Rey Católico

Oficina de turismo de Sos del Rey Católico • Palacio de Sada. Pza. Hispanidad • T. 948 888 524 /


Oficina de Turismo de Tarazona • Pza. San Francisco, 1 • T. 976 640 074 / 976 19 90 76 /

Monasterio de Veruela

Monasterio de Veruela • Paseo de Veruela, s/n. Vera de Moncayo • T. 976 649 025 /


Oficina de información y dinamización turística de Navardún y la Bal d'Onsella • Torreón de Navardún • T. 948 439 507


Oficina de Turismo de Zaragoza (Pza. del Pilar) • Pza. del Pilar, s/n • T. 976 721 281 /

Turismo de Zaragoza • • T. 902 142 008 / 976 201 200 /

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Oficina de Turismo de Zaragoza (Estación Delicias) • • /

Oficina de Turismo del Gobierno de Aragón • Plaza España, 1 • T. 976 796 398 / 976 282 181 (ext 2) / 902 477 000 /